Frequently Asked Questions

1What is your warranty policy?
We provide a 30-day guarantee. We want not only to fix your problem but to prevent it from reoccurring. If we complete a job and the problem resurfaces within 30 days, we will resolve it free of charge. We stand behind our work and will do everything we can do guarantee your satisfaction.
2How do you charge?
We require a one-hour minimum for on-site visits and do not charge for travel time unless it is specified. We charge either by the hour or with a fixed rate, depending on your need.

Hourly This billing method is used for any project that we consider “break-fix.” This means that a problem has occurred or necessity has arisen, we resolve it, and you have not hired us to maintain your network over a specific period of time. The hourly rate also applies to web development projects.

Fixed Rate If you decide you require round-the-clock computer maintenance, you may choose to sign up for a maintenance contract. For a fixed rate, we monitor your network remotely, and troubleshoot any problems that arise as soon as we find them. On-site visits under the maintenance agreement will be charged hourly. We pride ourselves in taking your problem into our hands, from research to resolution. Our goal is for you to be up and running as soon as possible; we aim to provide service with the utmost efficiency.
3Are your Help Desk and Network Support rates the same as your Audio/Video rates?
Rates for home theatre installation are project-based, rather than hourly. We always give a free estimate upon the first site visit, so we can properly assess your needs and space. Whether we are just adjusting a remote or installing an entire home theatre unit, we always want to guarantee the scope of the project by checking it out first-hand. Before we do any work, we will provide you with a pricing estimate.

*Exceptions to the free site survey might apply to sites an hour or more outside Midtown Manhattan.
4Are you insured?
Yes, we are able to provide proper insurance to any building that requires it.
5What if the job requires more than one SGU technician at a time?
We only dispatch multiple technicians when it is absolutely warranted. If a certain technological issue requires more manpower than just one of our techs, we will be sure to inform you. If multiple technicians are needed on site, we will bill for the labor of each SGU staff member.